Phelos is an angular luminescence spectrometer to characterize light emitting devices and thin films over varied emission and polarization angles. While traditional goniometric instruments focus on either electroluminescence (EL) or photoluminescence (PL), phelos incorporates both measuring techniques in one table-top compact instrument. The Phelos software can be easily coupled to the powerful simulation software Setfos for data analysis, parameter extraction, and device modeling.

Phelos Tutorial Video


  • Photoluminescence (PL) of organic, quantum-dots and perovskite light-emitting thin films over varied emission and polarization angles.

  • Electroluminescence (EL) of OLEDs and other light-emitting devices on both s- and p-polarization.

  • Angular dependence of the light emission of an OLED and other light-emitting devices.

  • Easily coupled to Setfos for accurate parameter extraction and device modeling.

  • Determine where in your emission layer the dipoles are emitting, and which is the orientation of the dipoles.

  • Flexible contacting of any sample geometry and easy sample alignment.

  • Acquire current-voltage-luminance (IVL) curves with the integrated SMU

  • Measure: EQE, lm/W, Cd/A, CRI and CIE coordinates

  • Polarizers and macro-extraction lens included. Multiple light sources are available.

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Angular range -85° to +85°
Optical resolution < 1°
Spectral range 360 to 880 nm
Spectral resolution 1.2 nm
Voltage range ± 20 V
Current range ± 120 mA
Minimal resolvable current < 100 pA
Motorized polarizer 0 to 360° (continuous)
Sample stage size 40 x 40 mm2
PL excitation
Different excitation wavelengths optionally available
18 mW, 275 nm
PL illumination spot size 5 x 3 mm2
Computer Connection USB
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 52 x 29 x 24 cm3