Optimize the OLED Light Emission

  • Use Setfos Emission to simulate the device colour, angular distribution, efficiacy (and more!)

  • Use Setfos Advanced Optics to optimize layer stacks with scattering elements, such as quantum dots, scattering particles, scattering surfaces and birefringent materials.

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Model Charge Transport in OLEDs

Use Setfos Drift-Diffusion to simulate the current-voltage (IV) characteristics, transient signals and results obtained by impedance spectroscopy.

In combination with Paios and Phelos, the simulation gets even more powerful by fitting automatically the experimental results.

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Simulate OLED Upscaling

Going from a millimeter-scale OLED to a large scale device for lighting is a big challenge.

Use laoss to optimize metal grids to enhance conductivity, mastering electro-thermal effects, or to couple the OLED with complex optical elements or surface structuring.

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AC, DC and Transient Opto-Electrical Characterization

Paios performs a variety of electrical and optical characterizations. You can determine the charge carrier mobility, trap density and distribution, recombination, injection barriers, doping-densities, series resistance, capacitance and other working parameters of an OLED.

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Angular Dependent Electro- and Photo-Luminescence

Phelos measures the electroluminescence (EL) of an OLED over a range of emission and polarization angles. The photoluminescence (PL) signal of a given light-emitting material can be also collected. In combination with Setfos you can determine the position and orientation of the dipoles in the emission layer.

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Accelerated Lifetime Analyis on OLEDs

Litos is the primary choice to understand the degradation behavior of organic, perovskite and quantum-dots LEDs, thanks to the wide range of stressing techniques inside a highly-controlled experimental environment, full automation and the possibility to be interfaced with Paios.

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