paios_spectrometer module

Measure the emission spectrum of your OLED or solar cells and perform all Paios experiments for OLEDs with this calibrated spectrometer.

  • Wavelength range: 360 – 1100 nm.

  • Integration time: 1 ms to 10 min.

  • Automatic dark-spectrum correction.

  • Measure luminance, radiance, EQE, lm/W, CRI, CIE coordinates.

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Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

  • Perform all Paios experiments at low and high temperature with this liquid nitrogen cooling and heating system.

  • Automatic temperature control and data acquisition.

  • Temperature range: -150°C to +200°C.

  • Maximum temperature ramp: 30K/min.

  • Samples are stored under an inert atmosphere.

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Peltier Cryostat

  • Perform all Paios experiments at low and high temperature.

  • Automatic temperature control and data acquisition.

  • Peltier cooling system.

  • Customized sample holder included (4 x multiplexing).

  • Temperature range: -50°C to +80°C.

  • Flexible mounting of the LED, photodiode, or spectrometer required for the specific measurement.

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Automated Measurement Table

The automated measurement table switches between measurement instruments or light sources, automatically. The standard configuration is equipped with:

  • Photodetector

  • Spectrometer

  • White LED

  • Empty space for existing sun simulator

For Solar Cell Research
A sun simulator can be placed below the sampel to determine the power conversion efficiency directly with Paios. After switching to the LED, you can measure the transient electroluminescence, the EL spectrum and all other classical experiments. Everything is automated!

For OLED Research
Measure the OLED spectrum and transient electroluminescence without changing manually the measurement instrument. By using a blue or UV LED, Paios can also measure the OLED photo-response.

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Multiplexing Module

Quantitative conclusions from experiments usually require statistics from characterizations on multiple devices. This can be tedious and time-consuming.

With the Paios multiplex module up to 4 devices can be connected simultaneously. Paios measures the devices automatically after each other. This saves a lot of time for the operator.

Combination with Customized Sample Holder
We also offer customized sample holders on request. The sample holder is compatible with the regular measurement table.


Glovebox Feed-Through

Paios can also be used in combination with a glovebox. Upon request, we provide customized cable feed-through for your glovebox.
Paios is placed outside the glovebox and the measurement table (or the sample holder) can be used inside. 

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Feed-through for electrical measurement in glovebox

Stress-Test Module

degradation analysis on solar cells and oleds with organic and perovskite semiconductors

The stress test module allows performing all Paios experiments at different aging conditions. The device is automatically stressed and measured between the stressing cycles.

  • Monitor device degradation.

  • Get highly consistent data sets.

  • Stress the device with constant current, constant voltage and illumination.

  • Understand the origin of the degradation of your device.

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SMU Module

The standard Paios has a measurement range of +-12 Volt. With the SMU module, the voltage range is extended to +-60 Volt. High voltage allows to measure also tandem OLEDs with high turn-on voltages.

  • Measure currents down to 1 pA.

  • Measure impedance spectroscopy between 10 mHz and 1 kHz with offset-voltages up to 60 volt.

  • Measure transient experiments with 100 kS/s and voltages up to 60 volt.

  • The user can choose whether the single experiment shall be conducted with the source measure unit (SMU) or the regular Paios.

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