FLUXiM AG provides simulation software and measurement hardware for research and development of displays, lighting and photovoltaic cells in industry and academia. Design and optimization of organic, quantum dots and perovskites-based LEDs and solar cells is possible with our products.


Modeling software and measurement hardware for OLEDs and quantum-dot lighting and displays.
Software and Hardware for LED Research

Solar Cells

Simulation software and hardware for organic, perovskites, and other thin-film photovoltaic technologies.
Software and Hardware for Solar Cell Research


Our Products

Advanced OLED and Solar Cell Modeling Software

Modeling the optical and electrical characteristics of OLEDs and solar cells. A complete software suite for simulating light emission, absorption, light scattering, and charge transport.


Simulation Software for Upscaling to Large Area Devices

A flexible FEM-solver to model large-area OLEDs and solar cells, but also displays and PV modules. Electrical, Thermal and Optical simulations are all possible with laoss.


Electrical Characterization of OLEDs and Solar Cells

Paios performs various optoelectrical characterizations on solar cells and OLEDs with one click. Store measurements in a database, analyse, compare and post-process them directly in the Paios software.


Gonio-Spectrometer for Angular-Dependence EL and PL measurements

Phelos is an angular resolved spectrometer that measures the electroluminescence (EL) and photoluminescence (PL) of OLEDs and light-emitting materials over various angles and polarization. The dipole orientation and the position of the emission zone can be determined experimentally.


Platform for stability tests on Solar Cells and OLEDs

Litos is a stress-test system with multiple channels to perform accelerated degradation analysis on OLEDs and solar cells. It allows reliable assessments of the solar cell stability with high control over temperature, humidity and light-soaking conditions.




Our products are used worldwide to simulate OLEDs, organic and perovskite solar cells. A complete list of all publications can be found here: publication list

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