Prof. Dr. Beat Ruhstaller

Founder & CEO Fluxim AG

Dr. Daniele Braga

Business Development
Ph.D. Material Science

Domanski BW.jpg

Dr. Konrad Domanski

R&D Engineer
Ph.D. Perovskite Solar Cells


Adrian Gentsch

Team Leader Hardware Development
B. Sc. Systems Engineering


Alexandre Stous

Senior Software Engineer
M.Sc. Physics & IT


Roman Hiestand

Senior Software Engineer
Dipl. Inf. Ing. ETHZ


Dr. Sandra Jenatsch

Technical Consultant
Ph.D. Organic Electronics


Dr. Simon Züfle

Product Manager Measurement Solutions Ph.D. Organic Electronics


Dr. Yannick Masson

Software Engineer
Ph.D. Computational Science


Oliver Hess

Senior Software Engineer
Dipl. Inf-Ing. ETH


Dr. Balthasar Blülle

Product Manager Software Ph.D. Physics ETH


Alex Meier

R&D Engineer
B.Sc. System Engineering


Andreas Schiller

Software Engineer
M.Sc. Micro and Nanosystems

Olivier Scholder

Dr. Olivier Scholder

R&D Engineer Ph.D. Physics ETH


Dr. Urs Aeberhard

R&D Scientist Ph.D. Physics ETH

Roger Häusermann

Dr. Roger Häusermann

R&D Engineer Ph.D. Physics ETH


Stefano Sem

Ph.D. Student
M.Sc. Physics Engineering

Simon Zeder

Simon Zeder

Ph.D. Student
M.Sc. Energy Science ETH


Camilla Vael

Ph.D. Student
M.Sc. Nanoscience

Arno Gadola

Dr. Arno Gadola

R&D Engineer Ph.D. Physics UZH

Electrical characterization of OLEDs. Electrical characterization of solar cells. SOlar cell simulation and solar cell modeling.

FLUXiM AG provides swiss-made software and hardware for R&D on OLEDs, displays, lighting and solar cells to industry and academia worldwide. Our company name FLUXiM is derived from flux simulation. Our activity started at the Institute of Computational Physics at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

Our software Setfos and Laoss are designed to simulate the fundamental operational mechanisms of LEDs and solar cells (organic, perovskites and quantum-dots), also at the large-scale. Light-outcoupling from OLEDs, light-absorption in thin film solar cells, but also charge generation, transport and recombination in these semiconductor devices are all mechanisms that can be simulated with our software. Setfos and Laoss are simulation software that boost research and development of OLEDs, displays, lighting panels, solar cells, and photovoltaic arrays.

Our hardware Paios, Phelos and Litos are all-in-one measurement platforms with integrated analysis software for electrical and optical device characterization, parameter extraction, and model validation.

We also provide services such as consulting, training, software development, and specific device characterization for prospectives. Check out our references and testimonials for more information about our activity.

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