Setfos 5.0 released


Fluxim is proud to announce the release of the simulation software Setfos 5.0. For the 15-year product anniversary Setfos comes with an all-new face. In this major version upgrade a radically redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) is introduced that streamlines simulation sessions and workflow.

new release of setfos with a new graphical user interface

New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Workspace to manage simulations

  • New tab-layout

  • New file format *.parx

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel

  • Comparison of results from multiple simulations

  • Auto-sync between Script Mode and GUI Mode

  • Script comparison

  • Code completion

  • Edit material files from Script Mode

  • Input validation in Script Mode

  • Interactive layer structure, diagrams and symbols

  • Plots as subwindow

  • Plot export with Python

  • Zoom and pan buttons

  • Linking of electrical properties


New Kernel Features

Additionally, Setfos 5.0 offers new simulation possibilities:

  • Combine absorption and emission calculation for simulation of photoluminescence (PL) in thin films.

  • Simulate transient temperature signals to explore Thermally Stimulated Current (TSC) signals.

  • Use the new optimization algorithms to find the best device structure.

  • Include quantum-dot particles in absorption simulations.

  • New possibilities for ionic devices such as perovskite solar cells and LEDs

and much more…

If you want to receive additional information about Setfos 5.0 please contact us!