Laoss 1.0 available!!!

Fluxim is pleased to announce the release of a new software tool: Laoss. Laoss is a simulation software for design and optimization of large-area electrodes in OLEDs and solar cells. To start an evaluation get in touch with Fluxim, check out the flyer or read the press release.

Some key features of Laoss are:

  • IV curve in a few clicks
    Laoss evaluates solar cell metrics such as the open-circuit voltage, the short-circuit current, the maximum generated power and the fill factor.
  • OLED panel optimization
    Minimize ohmic losses & optical shadowing and improve the layout of the electrodes and metal grids in order to obtainuniform and bright OLED panels.
  • Solar cell optimization
    Laoss allows to find the optimal shape of finger electrodes (width and spacing) to minimize the optical shadowing and ohmic losses. Laoss can also be used to determinate the best material choice (transparency, conductivity & thickness) in order to obtain solar cells with higher fill factor.
  • Full module simulation
    Solar cell modules consist of several cells connected in series. With Laoss you can estimate the best number of sub-cells in order to minimize inactive areas from interconnections and loss of fill factor due to large single cell sizes.
  • Intuitive workflow
    Thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, Laoss is an easy-to-use software.
    Laoss can interface to standard CAD layout tools via DXF files or you can sweep parametrized basic geometries. IV curves can be imported from experiments or analytical models.