Setfos 4.4 released!!

Today we officially release Setfos 4.4. Several improvements and new features are introduced in this new version:

New Optical features:

  • Mode analysis can now be combined with scattering and multiple incoherent layers

  • Light scattering is expanded to cylindrical microlenses and micro-surfaces covered by thin film coatings

  • A full BSDF can now be estimated from the scattering transmittance of a single 0° measurement

  • Solar cell absorption under diffuse illumination can now be simulated

  • Set the Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE) of solar cell materials

  • New material models for optical index determination by ellipsometry, transmittance or reflectance data: Drude model and hybrid material models

New Electrical features:

  • Doping can now be modelled as a spatial profile in addition to a constant doping density

  • Energy Band diagrams and Fermi levels are now returned as an output

  • Simulation of Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy (IMPS)

  • Fast Implicit transient calculation is expanded to Runge Kutta both with and without adaptive timesteps