Paios 3.1 released!

A new software-version for the measurement platform Paios has just been released. Customers profit from new features for data analysis and measurement.

New features include: 

  • Equivalent-circuit fitting for impedance spectroscopy data
  • The simulation module now offers a global parameter fitting routine
  • The dynamic range of the light intensity was extended (light intensities from 0.001% to 100% are achievable.)
  • The measurement routine for pulsed-IV curves is improved and can now measure currents down to 10 pA.
  • Many minor features (like avoiding 50 Hz during impedance measurements)

New modules are available with this release:

  • SMU-Module: Offer extended range for IV-curve measurement to +-60 Volt.
  • Spectrometer-Module: Measure the spectrum of your OLED with Paios.
  • Nanosecond LED-Pulser Module: This hardware extension adds laser-like capabilities to Paios by pulsing an LED with very high currents.