Setfos 4.1 released

A new version 4.1 of the OLED & (O)PV design tool Setfos has been released in December 2014. Setfos 4.1 expands the simulation capabilities of light-scattering enhancement in OLEDs and solar cells, see the graphic below. With version 4.1 both surface and volume scattering can be studied by the introduction of Mie scattering. Scattering layers consisting of a single particle type or a mixture of different particles can be easily defined in the GUI.

Several improvements to drift-diffusion simulations are also introduced in Setfos 4.1. Both the steady state and AC solver have been improved. With Setfos 4.1 the impedance of multilayer devices can be calculated and photogeneration of charges at interfaces of multilayer OPV devices is now included.