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Setfos & Paios



  • Optical and electrical simulation of OLEDs and OPV
  • Perform parameter variation
  • Optimize device performance
  • Extract physical parameters
  • Perform various experiments on solar cells and OLEDs
  • Fully automated measurements
  • Sweep measurement parameters
  • Powerful post-processing options

Fluxim product overview

We provide simulation software and measurement hardware for research and development of OLED and solar cells to our customers in industry and academia. Our software is being used to gain further insight into device operation and for optimizing device performance.

The software setfos is modular. For OLED application first an electrical simulation of charge transport is performed and then combined with an optical outcoupling calculation. The reverse sequence applies for solar cells, since first light absorption is calculated followed by charge transport to the electrodes.

The measurement system paios was developed on the one hand to greatly simplify the extraction of device and material parameters of solar cells, OLEDs and other organic semiconductor devices to be used in the numerical simulation with setfos. On the other hand, it provides reliable data for validation of simulation results.