Paios 3.2 released!


We have just released the a new software-version for the measurement system Paios. It extends Paios with new functionalities and now supports a new hardware module source-measure-unit (SMU).

New Features:

  • New Measurement Technique: Charge Extraction
    With the Charge Extraciton technique the charge carrier density of a solar cell at open-circuit is probed.
  • New Measurement Technique: IMPS and IMVS
    Intensity Modulated Photocurrent/Photovoltage Spectroscopy (IMPS / IMVS) are popular techniques in the DSSC community and getting more attention to study perovskite solar cells. The light intensity is modulated at various frequencies and current or voltage is measured. Charge transport and recombination can be investigated with this technique.
  • Low Frequency Impedance down to 10 mHz
    As our customers specifically asked for it, we extended the frequency range of the impedance spectroscopy down to 10 mHz.
  • Better User-Guidance
    Info-buttons in the software show useful information on all measurement techniques.
  • Controllable Impedance Break-Behaviour
    The user can now choose what Paios does inbetween the measurement of two impedance points. Either voltage and light is turned off (the device can relax) or it is kept on (faster measurement, no interrupt).

SMU Module with New Capabilities:

  • Paios users with the optional SMU module can now measure impedance spectroscopy using the source measure unit (SMU). This allows offset-voltages up to +-60 Volt.
  • Transient Measurements can be performed with the SMU module allowing pulse voltages up to +-60 Volt and current measurement down to 1 pA.