Paios 3.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Paios 3.3.
It contains many improvements for Paios users for measurement, data handling and post-processing.

New Features


New Measurement Technique: OTRACE for CELIV
Charge recombination can be studied by CELIV or charge extraction measurement with varied delay-time between illumination and charge extraction.
OTRACE adapts the voltage during the delay-time such that no charges are injected into or extracted from the device.
The user can now easily and reliably determine the recombination coefficients of solar cells.


New Measurement Technique for OLED: MELS
In Modulated Electroluminescense Spectroscopy (MELS) the voltage is modulated and the EL-signal is divided by the current-signal.
This technique can be used to study charge carrier dynamics of OLEDs analyzing the phase-shift between EL-signal and current at various frequencies.

Further Features of Paios 3.3:

  • Capacitance Decay Measurements
    Some devices show slowly changing capacitance like perovskite solar cells. Paios can now measure the capacitance decay over time.
  • New Postprocessing Routine for IMPS/IMVS and Impedance
    The new postprocessing routine allows to easily extract transport- and recombination-times from IMPS and IMVS.
  • Live-Preview
    Measurement results are now directly shown during measurement. 
  • New Plot Engine
    Plots can now be generated using matplotlib from Python creating beautiful publication-ready graphs.
  • Faster File-Loading and Smaller Files
    Due to many optimizations files are loaded faster and are smaller in size.
  • Normalize Signals
    Various signals can be normalized with one click enabling better comparison between different devices.
  • Math Functions for Signal Display
    For each axis algebraic functions can be applied like x^2, sqrt(x), 1/x, ...
  • Run Paios Parallel
    Multiple instances can now be used in parallel.
  • Help Windows
    We extended the help-windows. Everywhere in the program there are small help-windows explaining the software.