Stress test unit


The Stress test unit is a solar cell and OLED lifetime measurement system. The Stress test unit incorporates advanced lifetime analysis, parallel channels measurements, temperature control, airtight weathering chambers, has a flexible sample design and is fully automated.

OLED and PV versions available.


Up to 32 devices in 4 independent airtight chambers equipped with humidity sensors
Maximum Voltage 10V
Maximum current 20 mA (up 160 mA per channel available on request)
Full temperature control 0 - 150°C
Sample size Up to 2 inch

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  • Design customized to customer's sample layout (multiple layouts possible with each system)
  • Modular: connect several systems together
  • Compatible with atmosphere-controlling equipment
  • User-friendly software for automatic control and parameter extraction


  • Constant current, constant light, constant voltage
  • Bottom and top emitter- compatible
  • In-situ spectrometer available (extra module)
  • Luminescence measurements
  • Patented OLED accelerated ageing and lifetime estimation integrated

For solar cells

  • Maximum power point tracking, constant voltage/current
  • Two-colour LED illumination with UV (configurable)
  • >10 sun equivalent illumination for accelerated testing
  • In-situ UV-vis absorption possible for bleaching detection (extra spectrometer module)
  • In-situ PL and EL measurements possible 

In combination with Paios, repeated full characterization of the devices can be automatically performed including: 

  • J-V curves
  • Transient measurements (CELIV, DLTS, TPV, TPC, ...)
  • Impedance spectroscopy / CV
  • IMPS / IMVS (for solar cells)
  • All measurements as function of temperature
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